Daily Exercise to Prevent a Dog’s Excessive Barking

Daily Exercise to Prevent a Dog’s Excessive Barking

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Dogs are meant to bark. It is the language that they speak. However, excessive barking can be a problem. If you are not really best buddies with your neighbours, your restless dog would complicate things even further, by not allowing them get enough sleep every night.

According to many dog enthusiasts, curbed energy is the main reason why dogs bark themselves hoarse. You are most likely, to have an excessively barking dog on your hands, if it is always chained, kept in a kennel or refused to mingle with human folk. The dog would be frustrated because of its confinement. And an outlet for that confinement becomes, barking like breathing.

One of the most effective ways to stop a dog from barking your brains out is exercise. When you give your dog the chance to flex its doggy muscles on a daily basis for 30-60 minutes, you would soon have a compliant dog on your hands, a 4-legged friend who would not deafen your ear drums or give your neighbour sleepless nights.

One of the first things to consider towards addressing this problem is to build a bond with your dog. Let him know who is boss. Let him know that you are the leader of the pack. If you do not assume a leadership role with your dog, you cannot control him. He will bark when he wants and there would be nothing you can do to stop him.
If you want to be in control, you need to set restrictions for your dog. Command him towards what is right and reprimand him towards what is wrong. When he is right always reward him with a big hug, rub on the head or offer a bigger treat like a doggie biscuit.

When he barks too much, show your dislike. Reprimand him for it. When he quiets down, reward him for it. Dogs are smart animals and soon understand they stand a better chance of getting a treat if they are not unnecessarily barking.

Walking exercises are also helpful. Apart from aiding growth and body development, dogs need to stroll as well. Dogs might be domesticated but they still have a primal nature that needs to be gratified. And that is exploring their surroundings and not being rooted in one location for too long. And if a dog is denied these privileges, you know the end result. He will make his voice heard.

Dogs will be dogs. And it is alright for them to bark to express themselves and draw attention when it is important. But when they bark too much, it becomes a behavioural problem. Try to make your dog release all that pent-up energy by going for walks every day. And lastly, show that you are the alpha male with leadership rules and exercises. You are the one who makes all the decisions. So when you tell him to cut out the bark crap, he actually does.

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